Planning a special event for your family or your colleagues can often turn into an exhausting task – looking for an original and exciting activity that would interest all participants can take time, and even more so – to organise everything. The VII Fort crew is here to help – by offering you a selection of historical scripts to fill your special day with unforgettable adventures.

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"History of Kaunas Fortress VII Fort" Kaina: 3 € / žmogui


The tour will take you to a picturesque journey across the VII Fort’s territory that takes up over 7,5 hectares, accompanied by a detailed commentary about this XIX-th century defensive fortification of the Russian Empire. The tour’s participants will have the opportunity to examine the remaining authentic buildings and will find out about the Fort’s infrastructure, the location of and the way the ammunition and arms were stored; they will go down the defence ditch and will discover the principles of the Fort’s defence and also, how the Fort’s surroundings and purpose changed over time.

"In the Tsar’s footsteps. Kaunas Fortress Mysteries" Kaina: 3 € / žmogui


The legend that is passed from one city inhabitants’ generation to another, tells about a treasure belonging to the Russian Tsar Alexander III, a treasure that was hidden in the VII Fort by the retreating Russian Army. During this orientation game, walking in the Tsar’s footsteps, the competition participants will discover a complex and sometimes scary everyday life of the Kaunas Fortress defenders, and will try to solve the ancient treasure puzzle. Dark, creepy casemates of the VII Fort and historical mind games that lurk there will unveil themselves to those who came looking for a possibility to extend their knowledge and learn unknown facts about the Kaunas Fortress, rather than for extreme sensations.

"Kaunas Fortress Defenders’ Story" Kaina: 5 € / žmogui

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August 5, 1915. The city of Kaunas bears witness to deafening explosions; there is a smell of gunpowder, fire and dust in the air. Artillery, located in the Kaunas Fortress, is retreating from the fortification that lost its defensive value; the men are leaving behind used guns and military equipment – to the mercy of the fast-approaching German Army.

This night tour will take you back to Kaunas at the beginning of the First World War. What changed in the city that became the first class fortress? How was the Kaunas Fortress being prepared to the inevitable German assault? What was it like – to be a soldier defending the forts of the Kaunas Fortress? You will hear the answers while walking in the most secret of the VII Fort’s places that until recently were closed to tourists, and listening to the story of the Kaunas Fortress and its crew, which took place in Kaunas in the context of most important battles that determined the destiny of the Fortress.

"The Fortress. Looking out from both sides of the barricade" Kaina: 3 € / žmogui


From the very beginning of its construction, the Kaunas Fortress was destined for success. However, one of five first class fortresses that were supposed to protect the Russian Empire fell when only three out of its nine forts were taken… The tour will give you a unique opportunity to hear three different versions of the same events – city inhabitants, German and then Russian soldiers, in their turn, will share their stories with you. Pacing on the Fort’s territory, you will learn how the Fortress crew prepared for battles and what difficulties and hardships they faced, the fears that plagued most the German troops when attacking the Fortress; you will see from up close what Kaunas looked like when it was taken over by the Germans and will feel the city’s mood at the time.

"State of Emergency" Kaina: 3 € / žmogui


It is the wailing of the sirens that announces the state of emergency – it tells everyone that the Commandant of the VII Fort, so as to ensure the safety, orders everyone to follow a specific action plan which stipulates that, all persons located in the laboratory are to prepare the stock of essentials. And here is when the participants will have to learn how, with the help of gastronomy science, to produce indispensable foodstock; they will also ensure everyone’s safety by manufacturing a polygraph and will discover how to replace signalling and exothermic devices by celebration fireworks that do not need fire to function, thermally-resistant hands and a powder that ignites from….a single droplet of water!

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