• Number of participants: up to 30
  • Session duration: 1h 30 min
  • Participation fee per participant: 3 €
  • Reservations: by email at info@septintasfortas.lt, by phone on + 370 699 22536 or in person in the Museum Visitor Information Centre.

Do you imagine that visiting a museum means silent exhibition halls, long guide’s narratives and a rule “do not touch”? Well, we believe we can change your mind about museum – by letting the children take over the learning and knowledge acquisition process!

Our history learning sessions are bursting full with activities; its participants will get acquainted with the VII Fort history in a fun way and will be even able to explore it themselves!

Treasure Hunt in the VII Fort

This learning session will start by giving children some essential information on the Kaunas Fortress and the VII Fort history, using historic maps as visual aids. Armed with this knowledge, the participants will be divided into two teams to get ready for an orientation cognitive game. The challenge of this game is to find a treasure that the army hid in the VII Fort almost 200 years ago.

Do not worry – our young explorers will not get lost on the vast Fort’s territory, covering 7 hectares, as they will be accompanied by our experienced session instructors, while hidden clues will guide them in their treasure hunt. These clues also constitute a great way of learning more about the VII Fort.  The treasure hunters will roam in huge armoury, hard-to-access artillery hideouts and dark tunnels, where they will find short inscriptions how these facilities were used at the time when the VII Fort was still one of the safest military fortifications of the Kaunas Fortress.

Session is recommended for children from the 1st to 7th school year.

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Staged Tour “From the first brick to the last shot”

Impressive red brick walls, structures, that have contributed to the appearance of the main city streets, circle the city and grip it like an iron fist, one of the most advanced defence fortification systems in the late nineteenth-century Russian Empire… From the very start of its construction, Kaunas fortress seemed destined for success, however, one of the five first-class fortresses of the Russian Empire fell when only three forts out of nine were taken. What was the cause of the downfall – the fortress commandant‘s error, poor soldiers‘ preparation or reckless army forces‘ distribution?

Upon entering the central ammunition store of the VII Fort, the Museum visitors will return to the end of the nineteenth century and will relive the Kaunas Fortress history. A staged narrative will allow a close glimpse at the Kaunas fortress inhabitants and their daily lives and will whisk you away to the last moments of fortress‘s existence. The tour participants will also have an opportunity to learn about the particularities of the military mobilization by undergoing express soldiers‘ training –trying out the military uniform and throwing mock grenades, as well as deciding what items would be vitally important in order to survive in the trenches.

Session is recommended for children from the 5th to 12th school year.

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Kaunas VII Fort Climbing Routes

If you wish to feel the breeze in your hair, to try out adventure-filled routes and to admire the panoramic view of the VII Fort – you should come in and try climbing our fortification slopes and mounds fully equipped for such activity.

You will be also given full climbing equipment that will enable you to hover over the left Fort’s yard, over an infantry position abyss, to walk not unlike a gymnast on a taut rope fixed several metres over ground and try other challenging routes that will require all your courage.  Adventure sessions, spiced up by the climbing elements – this is what you need to recover your energy after a detailed encounter with the Fort’s history and a daily life of its defenders.

Due to the weather conditions, the climbing routes are only accessible in warmer months – from April to October.

You can book access to climbing routes as a supplement to any other learning session available in the VII Fort.

Access Fee: any other learning session activity fee + 1€ supplement per person.

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To visit the Museum

Admission fee: 3 €, guided tour: 3,5 € supplement

50% discount to secondary and higher education students, seniors and persons with disability

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