• Sciences clubs are intended to suit 1st to 12th year students
  • Duration/frequency: 2 academic hours (1h 30min) once weekly
  • Attendance fee: 35 euro per month minus non-formal children’s education allowance
  • Activity period: September 11 – June 1

Applied sciences clubs offer sessions on mathematics adapted to 1st – 12th year students with the objective to provide theoretical information and practical skills related to scientific knowledge, as well as to give the students the academic advantage among their future colleagues to boost them in their early career.

Science club session period that lasts throughout all school year intends to introduce exact sciences to beginners and to provide deeper knowledge to the initiated; this is achieved by working in the computerized mathematics class.

Every learning session has been specifically developed to encourage direct communication between curious students that are eager to make their first steps in the scientific field, and certified specialists in exact sciences. Supported by young, responsible coordinators with teaching experience, learning session participants will discover new activities in a computerized mathematics class.

Learning sessions are divided into following categories:

Mathematics beginners

Sessions are destined for 2-4th school year students with the objective to built on their existing knowledge of mathematics and thus to help them to get ready for their progymnasium entrance exams or for various maths competitions. In a session one hour will be dedicated to theory and problem solution and the remaining thirty minutes – to building mathematical competences via play. Students will be proposed various mathematics competitions that enhance creative and logical thinking.

Eskursijos nuotrauka

Mathematics pals

These learning sessions are for 5-8th school year students, and will see them strengthen their independent acquisition skills in mathematics, get ready for a next-level school course or for a gymnasium entrance exam. The participants will also discover fascinating mathematics – unusual problems, puzzles, mathematical games and more. Students will be proposed various mathematics competitions that enhance creative and logical thinking.

Eskursijos nuotrauka

Mathematics experts

Sessions are destined for 9-10th and 11-12th school year students who wish to refresh and enhance existing mathematics knowledge, to get ready for mathematics competitions and a state mathematics exam. Thus, the aim of these sessions is to consolidate the students’ skills, to acquaint them with the exam structure, to train them in typical tasks and problems that they can encounter. The students will also be given an opportunity to visit numerous state-of-the-art private and university laboratories in Lithuania.

Eskursijos nuotrauka

Opening Hours

Tue – Sat.  10.00 – 17.00

Sun. 10.00 – 15.00


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