• Sciences clubs are intended to suit 1st to 12th year students
  • Duration/frequency: 2 academic hours (1h 30min) once weekly
  • Attendance fee: 35 euro per month minus non-formal children’s education allowance
  • Activity period: September 11 – June 1

Applied sciences clubs offer sessions on chemistry, physics and biology adapted to 1st – 12th year students with the objective to provide theoretical information and practical skills related to scientific knowledge, as well as to give the students the academic advantage among their future colleagues to boost them in their early career.

Science club session period that lasts throughout all school year intends to introduce natural to beginners and to provide deeper knowledge to the initiated; this is achieved by doing practical work in the laboratory, by carrying out chemical, physical and biological experiments.

Every session participant will be fully equipped with personal protection means, chemical agents, required utensils and other equipment necessary to carry out experiments in physics or biology. Participants’ safety is ensured by continuous surveillance during the practical sessions.

Every learning session has been specifically developed to encourage direct communication between curious students that are eager to make their first steps in the scientific field, and certified specialists in natural sciences. Supported by young, responsible coordinators with teaching experience, learning session participants will discover new activities in a modern science laboratory.

Learning sessions are divided into following categories:

Applied sciences beginners

Sessions are destined for 1-4th and 5-8th  school year students respectively that will step into the VII Fort laboratory for the first time in order to build a solid base for future acquisition of natural sciences. The session seeks to use practical examples to explain most complex of chemical, physical and biological phenomena. From the very first session the participants will be encouraged to examine, evaluate and use and develop their analytical and logical thinking skills.

Eskursijos nuotrauka

Applied sciences pals

Sessions are destined for 5-8th school year students that wish to extend and practically consolidate their existing knowledge and competences in chemistry, physics and biology, acquired in our educational laboratory. Scientific activities will plunge them right into the heart of each discipline by helping them discover practical laboratory work and conduct real chemical, physical and biological experiments, followed by thorough subsequent analysis.

Eskursijos nuotrauka

Applied sciences experts

Sessions are destined for 9-12th year students – for those that have acquired at school their base knowledge in chemistry, physics and biology and now wish to further develop it, and for those that seek practical laboratory and research work experience in accordance with their personal needs. These learning sessions will provide opportunity to visit numerous state-of-the-art private and university laboratories in Lithuania.

To enable the students to apply their freshly learnt knowledge and build teaching skills, we always encourage them to participate in national science festivals and to run learning sessions teaching younger pupils.

Eskursijos nuotrauka

Opening Hours

Tue – Sat.  10.00 – 17.00

Sun. 10.00 – 15.00


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