• Number of participants: up to 25
  • Session duration: 1h 15 min
  • Participation fee per participant: 4 €
  • Reservations: by email at info@septintasfortas.lt, by phone on + 370 699 22536 or in person in the Museum Visitor Information Centre.

Physics demonstrations and experiments carried out at the VII Fort will become an exciting adventure for every young science explorer! We explain complicated theory and difficult-to-understand natural phenomena by practical examples and encourage every activity participant to try and implement these experiments – on their own or with coordinators’ help. From the basic light theory to more complex electricity and magnetic field laws – everyone will find his topic of interest among the subjects presented in the Kaunas Fortress Educational Laboratory.

During our learning sessions, with the help of two coordinators, young scientists will observe and carry out various physics experiments on the basis of acquired theoretical knowledge on a given topic.

First Sight

Light can be considered as something mundane and ordinary, however even these days the optical science can still present head-scratching puzzles to scientits. We invite our young friends to „see“ and discover elementary light phenomena for the first time. We will show them how to „break“ things and the light itself, how to compose a colour; they will see and operate various optical devices, among them – the first photo camera!

Session is recommended for children from the 1st to 5th school year.

Eskursijos nuotrauka Eskursijos nuotrauka Eskursijos nuotrauka

Graphite and Lemon

Electricity can be similar to fire – in its benefits and its dangers; few, however, are aware how to generate it and how it works. This educational activity is designed around electricity – the children will learn how electricity is generated and what its sources are; what it consists of and how it can be transmitted. Our young scientists will also find out about before-unheard-of electricity applications and will have a chance to build their own electrical motor. We guarantee electrical ambiance – lightning strikes, hair standing on end and even being able to safely touch a 50 000 V electricity current!

Session is recommended for children from the 1st to 6th school year.

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Cold Spell

This educational session will take you back to winter, even in the middle of a hot summer! Its participants will learn about ultra-low temperature-inducing materials, will discover nitrogen melting point and how materials’ properties change under low temperatures. We will see what there is so special about dry ice and why, when it melts, there is nothing left! Our young charges will also observe the processes that use dry ice and will find out what ingredient is the most important for ice-cream making. To end the session on an exciting note, every child will have the opportunity to hold an impressive “cloud” bubble in their hands.

Attention! This learning session requires a certain amount of prior preparation; therefore please reserve at least one week in advance.

Session is recommended for children from the 1st to 10th school year.

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Water – Elixir of Life

Already in their early pre-school years children are taught that water is the source of life – they learn that water was the medium where life first appeared, that water covers ¾ of the Earth surface and that 70 per cent of a human body is effectively water.  However, water is no ordinary substance. This learning session will tell you all about its wonderful properties and capabilities. Moreover, children will find out about the water surface tension, why pond skaters do not drown and walk the water instead, and what the relation between the water density and its temperature is. We will explain how to determine whether the water is mild or hard, and we will even prove that not only water can extinguish fire but it can light it too!

Session is recommended for children from the 1st to 10th school year.

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Physics of Liquids

Liquid as one of the states of matter – is the object of this learning session. We will explain the main properties of fluids and will show how special – and spectacular- they can be. After an introduction to a theory of fluids, we will guide our young scientists into the practical session part – laboratory experiments, during which they will measure viscosity of a liquid, will observe how liquids expand at higher temperatures and will discover substances that, at first glance, defy laws of physics. They will also see and touch “bouncy” neutronic fluid and will observe another amazing liquid substance – ferro fluid – that can be raised into the air by a magnet.

Session is recommended for children from the 1st to 10th school year.

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Friendship between Van de Graaff and Ohm

From the moment when teenagers acquire basic understanding of physics and know that sticking forks into electric sockets is best avoided, and that “electron” is not a swearing word, we can study electricity together as a physics phenomenon. This learning session introduces the notion of non-metallic conductors, explores the relation between electricity and magnetic effects and allows the participants to discover an electrical engine. During our practical activity we will seek to find out together whether two famous scientists – Ohm and Kirchhoff – were as honest as they purported to be. An icing on the cake at the end – an opportunity to launch. J. Van de Graaff’s most expensive and dearest creation.

Session is recommended for children from the 7th to 12th school year.

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(Lietuvių) Stūmotrauka


Programos metu mokiniai susipažins su fundamentaliuoju fizikos reiškiniu – magnetizmu. Atlikdami įdomiausius eksperimentus, programos dalyviai išsiaiškins, kas yra diamagnetikai, paramagnetikai, feromagnetikai bei kokios yra jų ypatingosios savybės. Programos metu taip pat kalbėsime apie magnetus, jų kilmę, įdomiausias bei linksmiausias panaudojimo galimybes. Programos pabaigoje jaunieji mokslininkai pažins magnetinį lauką, išmokdami pasigaminti išskirtinius kompasus!

Programa rekomenduojama: 1 – 10 klasės mokiniams

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(Lietuvių) Kodėl išliejus kvepalus jų aromatas pasklinda po visą kambarį? O į arbatą įdėjus cukraus ji tampa saldi? Edukacinės programos „Difuzija ir Osmosas“ metu mokiniai sužinos kokius procesus vadiname difuzija ir osmosu, išsiaiškins, kuo šie procesai skiriasi vienas nuo kito bei kokios savybės juos sieja. Atlikdami eksperimentus dalyviai tyrinės, kokia yra temperatūros įtaka difuzijai bei kokiuose skysčiuose ji vyksta greičiausiai. Mokiniai programos metu taip pat atliks tyrimus ir išsiaiškins osmoso įtaką bulvėms ar želiniams guminukams – bandysime užauginti kuo didesnį guminuką – meškiuką!

Programa rekomenduojama: 4 – 8 klasės mokiniams

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