• Guided tour: 6 € in addition to the entrance ticket
  • Guided tour available: IV-VI 10 am - 4 pm, VII 10 am - 2 pm
  • Group visits: please reserve group admission in advance either in the Museum information centre or by email: info@septintasfortas.lt, or yet by phone: +370 699 22536.

The purpose of the Kaunas VII Fort Museum exhibition is to provide visitors with comprehensive information on various historic periods of the VII Fort, as well as to highlight the eternal combat between fortifications and artillery.

The exposition is located in the authentic military casemates, where the visitors will learn the history of the VII Fort and its inhabitants, will observe the evolution of the artillery from the Middle Ages to the Cold War and will be able to closely examine the largest and one of the most impressive Museum‘s showpieces – a fully functional 122 m-calibre howitzer M-30, dating back to 1938.

In May 2016 the Kaunas VII Fort introduced numerous new exhibits to its showroom, such as military communications equipment, computing machines and early computers. Thanks to these new additions the visitors will be able to follow the equipment evolution and learn its functioning principles. Moreover, casemates Nr. 5, 6 and 9 contain valuable and rare communications equipment exhibits; the only ones of its kind in the Baltics, they are also fully functional and open to the public.

The VII Fort First ammunition store houses a particular exhibition entitled „VII Fort: Lithuanian Tragedy“, which deals with three essential elements that reveal various aspects of the genocide of Jewish people in Lithuania: the Nazi propaganda, the role of the National Labour Security battalion and the events themselves that took place in the VII Fort. Historic facts, presented by the audio-visual means, combined with the authentic atmosphere of the VII Fort and the items discovered there, dating back to the times when the VII Fort was converted into a concentration camp, will surely offer a different vision of the summer 1941 to the visitor.

You are invited to visit our Museum‘s exhibitions and take part in one of our guided tours!


Tour on the History of the VII Fort of the Kaunas Fortress

A picturesque tour of 7.5 hectare territory of the VII Fort will be accompanied by a comprehensive guide‘s narrative on the history of this defence structure created in the late nineteenth century by the Russian Empire. You will see the remaining authentic buildings and will walk on the original pavement; you will visit the Fort‘s barracks, a chilly ammunition store and dark hideouts. You will learn how and where the ammunition and weapons were held and what the Fort‘s infrastructure was like. The artillery spots and the infantry positions will spread out before you, like the horizon itself. You will have a unique opportunity to descend into the defence ditch, to learn the principles of the Fort‘s defence system and the way the Fort‘s environment and purpose changed over the years. You will experience the unique adventure of the VII Fort, an unknown and largely abandoned military defence structure gradually transformed into a modern museum and a living heritage that opens the pages of Kaunas late nineteenth century history to its visitors.

Tour Price: Museum admission fee (3 € or 1,5 € per person) plus guide‘s services (6 €)

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Tour on the 1941 genocide of the Jews in the VII Fort

The narrative you will hear from the guide during your tour is based on real, thoroughly analysed facts that testify about one of the most heinous crimes ever committed on Lithuanian territory – the onset of the Jews‘ genocide in Lithuania. It was in the VII Fort that in summer 1941, in the space of two weeks, several thousands of Kaunas inhabitants of Jewish origin were cruelly murdered, and their remains were carelessly buried on the spot.

During the tour you will have a unique opportunity to see the Fort‘s territory through the eyes of its prisoners. The narrative will take you to June 1941, the moment when the scores of innocent people arrived to the VII Fort only to become victims of the Nazi ideology. You will hear their tragic story and its somewhat brighter continuation nowadays – when in 2009 the Kaunas Heritage Centre, based in the Fort, was the first to show the initiative to investigate this crime against humanity and to arrange the mass burial site on the Fort‘s territory. If you wish to know more, you can also purchase a book entitled „The VII Fort: Lithuanian Tragedy“, published on the subject and available in our information centre.

Tour Price: Museum admission fee (3 € or 1,5 € per person) plus guide‘s services (6 €)

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Night Tour: „Story of Kaunas fortress defenders“

It was extremely difficult and, for a lay person, nearly impossible to access the VII Fort in the early twentieth century. Nevertheless, stories are passed from one generation to another, telling about daredevils that, under the cover of the chaos that has reigned the city since 1915, risked their lives by trying to sneak onto the Fort‘s grounds in order to find the hidden treasure. It is impossible to know whether any of those stories were true; however it is likely that these people became the closest witnesses of the undoing of the Kaunas fortress.

The night tour will take you back to the Kaunas city at the time of the First World War beginning. What changes took place in the city that become a first-class fortress? How were the forts of the Kaunas fortress prepared for the upcoming German attack? What experienced the soldiers while defending the Kaunas fortress‘s forts? You will learn the answers to these questions while visiting the best hidden spots of the VII Fort, previously closed to the public, and listening to the stories about the Kaunas fortress‘s inhabitants and their history, dating back to the time when First World War combats were inevitably closing on Kaunas city.

Important! The tour is organized for a group of twenty people, or if reserved in advance.

Tour price per person – 5 €.

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Staged tour „From the first brick to the last shot“

Impressive red brick walls, structures, that have contributed to the appearance of the main city streets, circle the city and grip it like an iron fist, one of the most advanced defence fortification systems in the late nineteenth-century Russian Empire… From the very start of its construction, Kaunas fortress seemed destined for success, however, one of the five first-class fortresses of the Russian Empire fell when only three forts out of nine were taken. What  – the fortress commandant‘s error, poor soldiers‘ preparation or reckless army forces‘ distribution – was the cause of that downfall?

Upon entering the central ammunition store of the VII Fort, the Museum visitors will return to the end of the nineteenth century and will relive the Kaunas Fortress history. A theatralized narrative will allow a close glimpse at the Kaunas fortress inhabitants and their daily lives and will whisk you away to the last moments of fortress‘s existence. The tour participants will also have an opportunity to learn about the particularities of the military mobilization by undergoing express soldiers‘ training –trying out the military uniform and throwing mock grenades, as well as deciding what items would be vitally important in order to survive in the trenches.

Important! The tour is organized for a group of twenty people, or if reserved in advance.

Tour price per person – 3 €.

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